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Agio is excess of a market rate of monetary symbols, bills of exchange, securities, gold in
comparison with their nominal cost; stockjobbing
Allied State of Russia and Belarus is the confederation, as it founded on the principle of a
sovereign equality of the countries-participants.
America is the parts of world, formed two continents North America and South America.
It is located in the Western hemisphere, between Atlantic and Silent Oceans. In the North America
often allocate Central America and islands of West Indies. The structure of America includes also
island Greenland and a number of other nearby islands.
Amicable agreement (agreement of lawsuit) is stop of dispute on the basis of voluntary
settlement of reciprocal claims and the approval of reciprocal concessions, under condition of its
approval by court.
Amount balance is the difference between results of debit postings and to the credit of
accounts. The debtor balance (the debit is more the than credit) reflects a position of economic
resources for certain date and is shown in a balance active. Credit balance (the credit is more than
the debit) reflects a position of sources of economic resources and is shown in a liability. If the
account has no balance, it is called as closed. In the foreign trade relations of balance signifies a
difference between the export and import sum or sum of requirements of obligations. Export
balance of trade (export surplus) gives to debit balance of trading balance, and unbalance in foreign
trade negative. In balance of payments of debit balance signifies excess of all receipts of the
country over its payments to other countries, negative excess of payments of the country over its
receipts from other countries.
Appeal is the form of the appeal of court decision, assuming a new legal investigation in
essence higher court and acceptance of a new court decision on case.
Appendant responsibility is civil-law responsibility of the basic proprietor for financial
instability of the persons formed by it.
Assault with intent to rob is assailing with view of the alien property stealing, realized
with use of violence, dangerous for life or health, or with threat of use of such violence.
Asia is the greatest parts of world, form continent Eurasia together with Europe. Asia is
connected to Africa by Isthmus of Suez, from North America is separated by Bering Strait. It is
washed by Arctic, Silent and Indian by the oceans and adjacent seas, and also by the inland seas of
Atlantic Ocean.
Associations of Economic Interaction of Subjects of the Russian Federation is the
non-commercial organization, formed on a voluntary basis for the purpose of inter-regional
integration and social and economic development of Subjects of the Russian Federation.
Audit is independent inspection of financially-accounting statement auditee persons with a
view of form of opinion on its reliability.
Audit Chamber in Russia is body of Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation,
supervising execution of the federal budget.
Aval is the guarantee under the bill, made the person in the form of special guarantee record.
The aval can guarantee all sum of the bill or its part, can be given for the any one responsible
person under the bill: for the drawer, for acceptor and for the endorsee, for drawer of check and
bearer of check. The aval is made on a face sheet of the bill by simple signing or on allonge.
Average is losses intended and reasonably suffered with a view of preservation from the
general danger of the property participating in the general sea enterprise, i.e. a vessel, freight, cargo.
Average adjustment (average statement) is calculation on general average distribution.
Averaging is expansion of capital investments by periodic investing of the fixed sum in
Averaging-out of rest funds is a lending agency (credit organization) right on realization of
the specifications of rest funds fixed by Bank of Russia at the expense of maintenance of a share of