Rambler's Top100

Abandon is law regime, at which the insurer or beneficiary has the right to declare to the
insurer refusal of the rights to the insured property and to receive all insurance sum.
Abandonee is the insurer in which advantage there is an insured cargo or a vessel in case of
Abbrochment is alien property public stealing.
Accept (acceptance) is the consent to conclude the agreement on stipulated terms.
Armenia (Republic of Armenia) is the state in southern part of Transcaucasia, capital is
Accounting is formation of the documentary systematized information on lawful objects
according to legal requirements, and drawing up on its basis of the accounting (financial)
Accounting policy for the taxation is the complex of lawful methods of revelation of
proceeds chosen by the taxpayer and (or) expenses, their recognition, an estimation and distribution,
and the record-keeping of other necessary indicators of financial and economic activity of the
Act in law is the decision, action or document having legal value (for example, the statutory
act, act of expert examination, act of civil status).
Acts of agencies of state administration is lawful expressions of will of subjects of the
state administration, fixing, using, changing and cancelling the legal norms and their actions
changing sphere.
Act of enforcement of law is the official decision of the competent state or private official,
taken out by them on the legal case, consisting in development and acceptance of the legal
command, signified in the form fixed by the legislation.
Act of expert examination is the processual document in which experts in writing expound
to the ground, process of the carried out research, is formulated the conclusions on questions. The
act of expert examination can be formalized in the form of the expert's statement, as well as in the
form of the act in case of making of commission or complex expert examination (for example,
commission judicial-psychiatric expert examination).
Administrative act is the individual act of administration (management) of law
enforcement character which is directed not on a fixing of administratively-rules of law, and on
their execution.
Administrative contract is an agreement which obligatory party is the public authority.
Administrative compulsion (enforcement) is a method of compulsory maintenance of
lawful behaviour of natural persons and organizations in executive power (authority) sphere.
Administrative contract is the administrative agreement not less than two subjects of the
administrative law, concluded on the basis of norms of administrative law in the public purposes.
Administrative detention is the measure of the state restraint (measure of restraint)
connected with short-term restriction of a natural person freedom with a view of suppression of an
administrative violation, an establishment of identity of the infringer, administrative violation
(offence) report drawing up at impossibility of its drawing up on a place of revealing of an
administrative violation, maintenance of a timely and correct legal investigation about an
administrative violation and executions of the ruling enacted on case.
Administrative provision is the normative legal act fixing an administrative procedure
(administrative procedures).
Affiliated person is the any lawful person involved in commercial relations with the
individual businessperson and (or) organization and capable to influence on their business.
Africa is the continent, second-large after Eurasia. From the West it is washed by Atlantic
Ocean, from the north Mediterranean Sea, from the northeast Red Sea, from the east Indian