Rambler's Top100

Central America is the southern part of continent North America located in tropical
widths, between Silent and Atlantic (Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean sea) Oceans, on a joint with
South America.
Central Catalogue of Credit Histories is subdivision of Bank of Russia which conducts
the lawful database for search of the credit history bureau containing credit histories of subjects of
credit histories.
Certificate is the extra financial obligation of state agencies; the document containing the
clauses of contract of insurance, replaces the policy insurance; the written certificate of bank on the
deposit of the money resources, a certifying right of the investor on receiving after a target date of
the sum of the deposit and percent on it in any one establishment of the bank; the document
certifying quality of the goods.
Cession, cession of rights, assignment is a concession of right of claim in the obligation to
other person, transfer of rights on something to somebody.
Charter is employment of a ship for transportation.
Charter-party is the contract of affreightment.
Cheque (draught) is a valuable security, containing nothing the caused executive order of a
drawer of check to bank to make payment of the sum specified in him to a bearer of check.
Chechnya (Chechen Republic) is the Subject of the Russian Federation in North Caucasus,
part of North Caucasian federal district.
China is the largest state of Central and East Asia, largest state of world on a population,
capital is Beijing.
Collection of payments, encashment is the commission of the client to an issuing bank to
realize at the expense of the client the action on receiving from the payer of payment and (or) the
payment accept.
Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) is the interstate association formed by three
republics USSR Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. In the agreement on formation of CIS from
December 8, 1991 in Minsk, it is ascertained, that USSR in the conditions of deep crisis and
disintegration stops the existence, have declared aspiration to develop cooperation in political,
economic, humanitarian, cultural spheres.
Competence of the citizen is ability of the citizen by its actions to buy and realize civil
rights, to form for it civil duties and to execute them.
Competition in the market of financial services is competitiveness (i.e. rivalry) between
the financial organizations without infringement of the antitrust legislation (there are abuse a
dominant position, an establishment of monopoly prices etc.).
Complaint is the address of the person to authority on infringement of rights.
Concession agreement is a contract, on which conditions one party (i.e. concessioner)
undertakes to originate and (or) reconstruct at own expense real estate (object) and it to maintain,
and other party (i.e. con-assignor) undertakes to give concessioner for contractual term of the right
of possession and using the object.
Conditional obligation is the obligation, which having will be corroborated by occurrence
or nonoccurrence one or several future events which occurrence is not fixed and which are not
completely under the control of not credit financial organization. Besides, the conditional obligation
is the obligation which satisfies to obligation making, but does not satisfy to criteria of its
Constitution of the Russian Federation (Russian Constitution, Constitution of Russia,
RF Constitution) is the basis and source of Russian law.
Consumer price index (CPI) is an indicator which characterizes alteration in time of an
overall price level for the goods and the services bought by the population for unproductive
consumption. It pays off by Census Bureau as the relation of cost of the fixed set of the goods and
services in the prices of the current period to its cost in the prices of the previous period. CPI pays