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Broad money stock (monetary aggregate M2Х) is indicator which includes all
components of monetary aggregate M2 and deposits in a foreign currency of residents of the
Russian Federation (organizations and natural persons), placed in banking system of the Russian
Budget is the form of elaboration and expenditure of the money resources for financial
provision of problems and functions of the state and local self-government.
Budgetary allocations are limiting volumes of the money resources provided in
corresponding financial year for execution of budgetary obligations.
Budgetary credit is the money resources given by the budget to the other budget of
budgetary system of the Russian Federation, juridical person (apart from state and municipal
establishments), foreign state, foreign juridical person on returnable and compensated bases.
Budgetary list is the document which is made and realized by the chief budget funds
controller (chief administrator of sources of financing of a budgetary deficit) with a view of budget
execution under expenses (sources of financing of a budgetary deficit).
Budget classification is grouping of financial resources of budgetary system.
Budgetary deficit (budget deficit) is excess of budgetary expenditures over revenues.
Deficit should have sources of its financing.
Budgetary expenditures (expenses, expenditures) are money, paid from the budget.
Budgetary law is financial institution, i.e. it is the complex of financial legal norms in the
form of the budgetary norms, regulating the relations on formation, distribution and using of
budgetary funds of money.
Budgetary process (budgeting) is the lawful procedure of activity of competent persons on
formation of budgets from the stage to stage and the control over their realization.
Budgetary revenues (budget receipts) are the money, incoming to the budget.
Budgetary structure is the complex and interaction of budgetary system and budget
Budgetary surplus (budget proficit) is excess of budgetary revenues over expenditures.
Budgetary system is the complex of federal, regional and local budgets, and budgets of the
state off-budget funds.
Bulgaria is the state in south of Europe, on Balkan Peninsula, capital is Sofia.
Bankruptcy is declared by arbitration court an inability of the debtor to pay obligatory
Business is the lawful, registered, independent, and on the risk activity, directed on regular
receiving of profit.
Business law (entrepreneurial law) is the inter-branch legal institution, i.e. it is the
complex of legal rules, fixed in various branches of the legislation and regulating the relations in
sphere of business.
By-laws are legal acts, based on a law and not contradicting a law.
Capital (i.e. basic resources, fixed asset) is the financial resources formed for business are.
Capital is bankroll and other basic (fixed) assets.
Capital investments are investments into fixed assets (basic assets), including expenses for
realization of design and exploration work, new construction, technical retooling, upgrades of fixed
assets, building restoration, acquisition of the machines, equipment, instruments, stock.
Cash service of budget execution is the carrying out and accounting of transactions on cash
receipts in the budget and to cash payments from the budget.
Cash transaction is the bargain realized with full payment by cash.
Caucasia is the territory between Black, Azov and Caspian Seas, within Alpine folded
oblast; it shares to North Caucasus (it is the part of North Caucasian federal district of the Russian
Federation), Ciscaucasia and Transcaucasia.
Cassation is the appeal of judicial acts in higher court after the appeal.