Rambler's Top100

the rest funds which are not exceeding averaging ratio, on the correspondent bank account of Russia
on the average during the established period.
Aviso is the notice on alterations in a status of the mutual accounts, sent by one counterpart
to another. It is used in banking practice.
Balance of budget is optimum correlation of budgetary revenues and budgetary
expenditures, not excluding of the proficit or deficit.
Bank is the credit organization, having the exclusive right to realize bank transactions: 1)
involving of money in deposits; 2) their placement on its own behalf and at own expense on the
terms of a returnable; 3) opening and closing of banking accounts.
Bank crediting condition index is an overall index of alteration of bank terms of credit
which pays off Bank of Russia by results of quarterly inspection of leading Russian banks -
participants of the credit market as follows: (the quota of the banks which have informed on
essential toughening of terms of credit, in percentage) + 0.5 x (the quota of the banks which have
informed on moderate toughening of terms of credit, in percentage) 0.5 x (the quota of the banks
which have informed on moderate softening of terms of credit, in percentage) (the quota of the
banks which have informed on essential softening of terms of credit, in percentage). It is measured
in percentage points.
Bank secrecy are data on deposits and accounts of clients and correspondents, banking
transactions under accounts and transactions in interests of the client, as well as data on the clients
which disclosure can violate their right on inviolability of a private life.
Banking account contract is a civil-law agreement according to which the bank undertakes
to receive and enlist money into the account of the client, to carry out executive orders of the client
about carrying out of transactions under the account, and the client (account holder) undertakes to
keep money with bank and to realize lawful payment transactions.
Bancomat (cash machine) is the automatic device, paying cash on a credit card and
realizing other banking services.
Banderovite is the Ukrainian Nazi (national socialist), supporter of Stepan Bandera`s ideas
(Stepan Bandera is Hitlerite accomplice).
Basel (Basle) is the second-large city in Switzerland, capital of the canton with the same
Belgium (Kingdom of Belgium) is the state in Western Europe, borders on Netherlands,
Germany, Luxemburg and France, capital is Brussels.
Belarus (Republic of Belarus, Belorussia) is the state in Eastern Europe, capital is Minsk.
Beneficiary is the person in which interests trust management is realized.
Bi-currency basket (dual currency basket) is an operational reference point of a course
policy of the Bank of Russia, signified formalized in national currency both consisting of US dollar
and euro.
Bill (bill of exchange) is the unconditional financial obligation, a valuable security type.
Bill certifies nothing the caused obligation of the giver of bill (i.e. bill drawer) to pay at occurrence
of the term provided by the bill the sum of money specified in the bill.
Bill of lading (B/L, waybill) is the accompanying document by which acceptance and
shipment, moving or delivery of commodity-material assets is formalized.
Blockade is the complex of measures on full refusal of economic relations with the concrete
state and the persons connected with it.
Boycott is the complex of measures on the import termination.
Bond is the valuable security bringing to its owner the income in the form of predetermined
percent of a face-value of a valuable security.
Bookmaker is the person who receives monetary rates in a gambling business, at game in a
totalizator on jumps, horserace, and sports competitions.
Borrower is the addressee of the credit.