Rambler's Top100

Sources on the p-books
Borisenko I.I., Saenko V.V. Contemporary Russian-English dictionary of
law. M.: ABBYY PRESS publishers, 2009.
Contemporary dictionary of foreign words. M.: Russian Language
publishers, 1992.
Muller V.K. English-Russian dictionary. Moscow: Russian language
publishers, 1978.
Sources on the CD-ROM
ABBYY Lingvo 12. Electronic dictionary. Moscow: LLC «Abbyy»
publishers, 2007 (CD-ROM).
Dictionaries from BUKI. English-Russian and Russian-English elec-
tronic dictionary. Moscow: CJSC «BUKA» publishers, 2010 (CD-ROM).
X-PROMT TRANSLATOR ERRE. Personal electronic translator. Mos-
cow: LLC «Promt» publishers, 2011(CD-ROM).