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УДК 349
ББК 64.402
Beloshapko Yu.N.
B25 FINANCIAL LAW OF RUSSIA [Text] : the school-
book / Yu.N. Beloshapko. Vladivostok : Vladivostok State
University of Economics and Service publishers, 2015.
264 p.
The schoolbook is original, published for the first time and is not
translation of any textbook into English. The author is PhD in jurispru-
dence, associate professor of Vladivostok state university of economics
and service. The author creates the schoolbook in English based on au-
thor's ideas by lexicographical sources. The basic author's source is
Beloshapko Yu.N. Financial law of Russia: the basic educational edition
of the teaching-and-methodical complex in electronic form / it is Regis-
tered on February 12, 2007 in Branch Fund of Algorithms and Programs
of the State Coordination Information Technology Center of Federal
Education Agency // Certificate on branch registration 7655 from
2/27/2007. The Complex is in property of the author. For search of legal
acts, it is expedient to use sites http://www.pravo.gov.ru./,
http://www.consultant.ru/, http://www.garant.ru/. For search of mono-
graphs and other scientific and educational editions, it is expedient to
use sites of the Russian libraries http://www.rsl.ru/, http://www.nlr.ru/,
http://elibrary.ru/, and http://ibooks.ru/.
The schoolbook corresponds to requirements of the federal state
educational standard of higher education, and it intended for persons
learning Russian law.
УДК 349
ББК 64.402
© Publishing house of Vladivostok
state university of economics
and service, typography, 2015
© Beloshapko Yu.N., 2015