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3. By-laws are legal acts, based on a law and not contradicting a law.
The types depend on validity (i.e. legal effect), namely:
Acts of the Russian President.
Acts of Russian Government.
Department acts (i.e. legal acts of ministries and services).
Acts of Subjects of the Russian Federation and local governments.
Other by-laws.
III. Normative agreement
Normative agreement (i.e. agreement of the normative content, law-
making treaty) is an agreement between subjects of law-creation, containing
norms of law. In financial law of Russia, the normative agreement is used in
the form of the international treaty of Russia.
International treaty of Russia is agreement between Russia and other
subjects of international law, regulable by international law (On the interna-
tional treaties of the Russian Federation: federal law from 7/15/1995 101).
For example, there are intergovernmental treaties on the encouragement and
mutual protection of investments.
Any sources of law, as well as decisions and deeds can be appeals. We
consider the general rules of such appeal.
The general rules of the judicial appeal are:
1. Normative legal acts, which are listed in item 125 of Russian Consti-
tution (i.e. federal laws etc.), can be only to nullify by Constitutional Court of
2. Besides, legal acts, decisions and deeds of differing authorities and
their officials are appealed against in arbitral courts or general jurisdiction
courts by rules of the jurisdiction and cognizance.
Normative legal acts are declared inofficious.
Non-normative acts are declared invalid.
Decisions and acts of various authorities and officials are declared ille-
Financial norms grouped in financial legal institutions.
is the complex of financial norms, regulating one group of uniform financial
relations. Financial institutions form Russian financial system.
Understanding of the financial system a science is ambiguously
We believe that FINANCIAL SYSTEM is the complex and interaction
of financial institutions (there are budgetary, tax, currency, insurance, credit,
investment law. securities market law). The financial institutions co-operate
Griczenko V.V. Financial system of Russia in the conditions of world financial
and economic crisis // Financial Law journal. 2010. № 4.