Rambler's Top100

10. Presidents Meet to Boost Sino-Russian Ties.
China's President arrives in Russia tomorrow for a four-day visit aimed
at broadening and deepening strategic and political co-operation between the
two countries.
For the Kremlin, his visit is a welcome counterbalance to domestic con-
cerns about NATO enlargement and worries that Russia is being excluded
from the western club of nations.
China's President and the President of the Russian Federation are due to
sign two historic pacts aimed at giving substance to improving Sino-Russian
These are a "strategic co-operative partnership" agreement and a treaty
on further reducing troop numbers and extending military cooperation along
the two countries frontier.
The two presidents will also be concerned to promote trade ties which
have not developed as both countries might have wished.
11. Greek Turkish Talks.
The Greek Prime-Minister held urgent meetings with his senior minis-
ters yesterday to discuss a European Union (EU) initiative for starting a di-
alogue with Turkey, according to the government officials. They said Athens
and Ankara were close to agreeing the establishment of a committee of ex-
perts from each side to discuss ways of tackling differences.
It is the first time the two rivals have considered talking since January
last year when they came close to war over rights of two small uninhabited
islands in the Aegean Sea.
The sudden rapprochement was the result of a meeting in Malta this
week between the Greek Foreign Minister and his Turkish counterpart at
which the EU initiative was put forward.
Text 3. Summits and talks in news
1. Peace Talks to Proceed
New Delhi, India (Reuters) India and Pakistan will hold peace talks
next week in New Delhi despite the political crisis threatening Prime Minis-
ter D. G., Foreign Minister I. K. G. said Friday.
G. said he would meet his Pakistani counterpart, G. A. K., during and
after a meeting of foreign ministers of the Non-aligned Movement, set for
April 7 to 8.
Foreign secretaries of the two countries held four days of talks that
broke a three-year stalemate and ended on a positive note last Monday when
they agreed to hold a subsequent round in Islamabad.