Rambler's Top100

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2. British Prime-Minister Pleased with Russian Visit.
The British Prime-Minister flew back to London last night after his five-
day visit to Russia. Before leaving Russia's capital the British premier said in
a farewell ceremony in the Kremlin that he was satisfied with the results of
the visit and believed the two countries had made a big step forward toward
the development of a dialogue in all fields.
The Russian leader agreed with that assessment and reiterated Russia's
preparedness to deepen cooperation with Britain.
3. Meeting between the Russian Premier and Finnish Presi-
A non-official meeting was held in St. Petersburg on mutual agreement
between Russia's Prime-Minister and President of the Finnish republic. In the
course of the meeting the sides exchanged opinions on the further develop-
ment of bilateral relations and noted with satisfaction that such meetings
bring positive results. Touching upon the issues of international relations and
European security both leaders emphasized thе importance of solving all dis-
putable questions through negotiations.
4. London Invites the French President.
The British Queen has invited the French President to pay an official
visit to Britain. With the close relations between London and Paris cemented
by cooperation in Bosnia there is talk of forging now a special relationship
between them. The French President may also be invited to address a meeting
of the Houses of Parliament. The undeclared aim of Britain's policy towards
France is an attempt to prevent a solid Franco-German union.
5. Syrian Israeli Talks.
The US Administration will next week bring Israeli and Syrian negotia-
tors together in a bid to resume peace talks which were suspended six months
ago amid disagreement over Israel's withdrawal from Golan Hights.
The US Secretary of State announced their resumption last Saturday
after visits to Damascus and Jerusalem and appeals from Israel's Prime-
Minister to Syria's President.
The negotiators will begin their talks next Wednesday. After three days
they will go home for consultations, then return for three more days of talks
early in January.
6. Russia's View of the British Premier's Visit to Moscow.
The British Prime-Minister's visit to Russia and discussions he held
with the Russian leaders in Moscow helped them understand better the view