Rambler's Top100

The British Foreign Secretary has accepted an invitation to pay a return
visit to Hungary.
9. Head of State to Visit Russia.
The Vietnamese head of state will pay an official visit to Russia from
May 10 to 16, it was announced in Hanoi today.
He is expected to discuss with the Russian leaders a wide range of prob-
The Vietnamese delegation headed by him is to visit some European
countries after its stay in Moscow.
10. Finnish Foreign Minister to visit Moscow.
The Finnish and Russian Foreign Ministers will hold a meeting on Sat-
urday in Moscow, it was announced in Helsinki today.
The Finnish Foreign Minister will be accompanied by three advisers,
including the head of Foreign Ministry's political department. Trade, scientif-
ic and technological cooperation will be among the questions discussed.
The Finnish Ambassador to Moscow is expected to be present during
the talks.
11. Jordan and Syria Hold More Talks.
Yesterday in Amman the Prime-Ministers of Jordan and Syria held a
second round of talks aimed at overcoming political differences between their
The Premiers who met for more than three hours on Tuesday night are
expected to issue a joint communique.
12. A Treaty with Slovakia.
A Russian government delegation led by the Russian Premier arrived in
Bratislava yesterday on an official visit to sign a treaty of friendship and mu-
tual assistance. The delegation includes the Foreign Minister, the Defence
Minister and some political advisers.
The head of the Russian delegation will also discuss with the Slovakian
leaders the topical problems of the current international situation and some
questions of mutual interest.
13. South Africa's Foreign Minister in France.
South Africa's Foreign Minister arrived in Paris yesterday on a two-day
According to a French government spokesman, the French Foreign Mi-
nister returned to the capital for a meeting with his South African counterpart
after accompanying the French President on part of a tour to South America.
The ministers are expected to discuss state-to-state relations. France is
one of South Africa's five major trading partners.