Rambler's Top100

Text 1
1. Friendly Talks in Moscow.
The Prime-Minister of Vietnam arrived in Moscow yesterday at the in-
vitation of his Russian counterpart.
2. Russian-Chinese Foreign Ministers to Meet.
The Russian Foreign Minister will meet the Chinese Foreign Minister in
New York later this month, it was announced yesterday in Moscow. The
meeting will take place during the forthcoming session of the United Nations
General Assembly.
3. The President of Senegal Here for Talks.
The President of Senegal arrived in London from Paris on a 4-day state
visit during which he will meet and have talks with the British Prime Minis-
ter and Foreign Secretary.
4. Russian Foreign Minister for London.
The Russian Foreign Minister will make an official visit to Great Brit-
ain, it was announced here today. The visit is in return for the recent visit to
Moscow of the British Foreign Secretary.
5. US President to Visit France.
The US President will pay an official visit to France next month, it
was announced here today. The State Secretary is expected to accompany
the President on this visit which is in return for the French President's visit
to the US.
6. India's Premier to Visit Moscow.
India's Prime-Minister has accepted an invitation to visit Moscow and
is to arrive on July 1 on a three day state visit, the Foreign Ministry an-
7. Saudi King Arrives in Britain.
King of Saudi Arabia arrived in Britain yesterday at the start of an offi-
cial four-day visit.
Talks with the British prime-minister and Foreign Office representatives
are expected to focus on the oil market and on Britain's relations with Syria.
8. British-Hungarian Contacts.
Broadening contacts between Britain and Hungary were welcomed yes-
terday in a joint communique issued in London at the end of the visit by the
Hungarian Foreign Minister.
It's the first Hungarian leader to make an official visit to Britain for
20 years.