Rambler's Top100

I. Vocabulary List
to discover
to set (a goal; an example; in motion)
to be liable to smth. (dispute; variations)
to be transparent
lump (lump of clay; lump of ice; lump of money)
to glue
II. Vocabulary Exercises
Ex.1. Make up 5 sentences of your own using Active Vocabulary
Ex.2. Explain in English:
high-tech material, Roman times, volcanic ash, ambitious plans, mixture
of three ingredients; translucent concrete
Ex.3. Make four sentences of your own using the following phrasal
to set back препятствовать, задерживать
to set forth излагать, формулировать
to set forward излагать, выдвигать
to set up основывать, учреждать
Ex.4. Translate into Russian:
1. The binding of this book is torn. 2. The city is growing and property
in the center is becoming more valuable. 3. Scientists have discovered that
this disease is carried by rats. 4. He was not liable for his son‘s debts. 5. Her
silk dress was almost transparent. 6. I take one lump of sugar in my tea. 7.
She found a lump in her left breast. 8. She glued the two pieces of wood to-
gether. 9. The children are always glued to the television. 10. Roadblocks
were set up by the police to catch the escaped prisoner. 11. The discovery of
gold in California set off a rush to get there. 12. The bad weather will set
back our building plans by 3 weeks.
Ex.5. Translate into English using Active Vocabulary:
1. Каковы основные составляющие цемента? 2. Основным препят-
ствием для широкого производства прозрачного цемента является его