Rambler's Top100

I. Vocabulary List
to inhabit humidity
habitation artificial
to burst with smth. abundant
to be confident obstacle
to be resistant to endue
resistance to foresee
to be vulnerable to solution
to shelter shortage
II. Vocabulary Exercises
Ex.1. Make up 5 sentences of your own using Active Vocabulary.
Ex.2. Explain in English:
densely inhabited country; to extend; to be sustained by smth.; water
leakage; to trap; to be installed; temporary; to flourish; expansion
Ex.3. Express in one word using Active Vocabulary:
Protection from danger or from wind, rain, hot sun;
the deliberate spreading of secret information when gas, water leaks
in or out;
to be aware of or realize beforehand;
able to be hurt or injured, exposed to danger or criticism;
the process of coping with a problem;
not originating naturally;
having plenty of smth.;
keep air moist in a room.
Ex4. Translate into Russian:
1. I can‘t endure that noise a moment longer. 2. It was a house unfit for
habitation. 3. That bag is bursting with potatoes. 4. My heart was bursting
with grief. 5. The government is confident that it will win the next election. 6.
If a person is vaccinated, he is resistant to a certain disease. 7. The committee
put up a lot of resistance to the chairman‘s plan. 8. We are in a vulnerable
position here, with the enemy on the hill above us. 9. In the rain people were
sheltering in the doorways of shops. 10. She welcomed me with an artificial