Rambler's Top100

2. Poorly executed restoration efforts have left sections near the capital,
Beijing, looking like a Hollywood set
3. "It was a wake-up call," said Lindesay, who's spent more than 1,200
days on the wall over the past 20 years.
4. Already the new law is showing its teeth, or at least its gums.
5. Also important, the law says that "all citizens, legal entities and organ-
izations" are charged with protecting the wall and reporting illegal activity to
government agencies.
III. Speaking and Written Practice
Ex.1. Answer the questions:
1. What can be inferred from the title of the article?
2. What is the Great Wall of China?
3. What facts tell us that the Great Wall of China has been damaged?
4. Explain who is to blame for the destruction of the Wall?
5. Why does the author believe that tourists pose the biggest pose to the
wall‘s survival?
6. How does Lindesay try to attract people‘s attention to the problem?
7. What measures are taken by different institutions to protect the Great
8. What other actions should be taken to protect the national treasury?
9. Which measures do you find the most effective ones?
Ex.2. Express your viewpoint on the problem (using your active vo-
cabulary) as if you are:
an archaeologist;
a tourist visiting the Great Wall;
a farmer living within a stone‘s throw of the Great Wall;
a lawmaker drafting laws to protect the world‘s most endangered sites;
an entrepreneur who works with tourists visiting the Wall;
the author of the article.
Ex.3. Do a written translation of the passage „A constructions com-
pany…. (to the end)‟
Ex.4. Write a précis of the article.