Rambler's Top100

(PP. 32-34)
I. Vocabulary list
to vanish
to install (a gate)
to neglect
to dismantle
to carry out (a survey)
to nail
to charge (admission)
to draft a law
to crumble
to be fined (under the new rules)
to demolish
to detain
be detained for smth., doing smth
to exhort
II. Vocabulary Exercises
Ex.1. Find in the text English equivalents for the following words
and expressions and use them in the sentences of your own:
пренебрегать, игнорировать; исчезать; проводить исследование; ус-
танавливать ворота; юридическое лицо; разбирать (машину); уговари-
вать, предлагать; целостность, непрерывность; угрожать чему-либо;
терпеть убытки; разрушать, стирать с лица земли; сыпаться, обвали-
ваться; быть задержанным, арестованным; готовить законопроект; заби-
вать гвозди, прибивать.
Ex.2. Use an English-English dictionary to find definitions to the fol-
lowing word combinations:
to sit up and took notice;
within a stone‘s throw of smth.;
to pose a threat to smb./smth.;
to hold raves;
to sustain damages.
Ex.3. Find the words to the following definitions:
to disappear suddenly, especially in a way that cannot be easily ex-
to ask someone for a particular amount of money for something you
are selling;
to end or ruin something completely;
to break apart into lots of little pieces, or make something do this;
to make someone pay money as a punishment;