Rambler's Top100

2. Answer the questions:
1) What did Mrs. Brady do on her way to the club?
2) Why did she make the remark about the weather?
3) What do you know about Miss Levin?
4) What did Mrs. Brady say about her work in the dressing room?
5) Who is Mr. Costello?
6) What kind of room was Mrs. Brady‟s working place?
7) How did Mrs. Brady prepare for her work?
8) Why did she put the sign next to the mirror?
3. Make up a dialogue between:
- a person who dislikes his(her) job and a friend of his(her);
- two friends who try to think of credible excuses not to go to the uni-
versity tomorrow;
- a proprietor and her/his employee explaining why s/he is late for
- two colleagues who speak about their tough boss.
4. Describe the beginning of the Saturday night in the night club
as if you were:
- Mrs. Brady;
- Mr. Costello;
- Miss Levin.
5. Give the written translation of the 2-paragraph passage on p. 17
beginning with the words „She smirked at Miss Levin, nodded….‟ that
ends with the words: „Blinking, Mrs. Brady shut the door‟.
6. Write a summary of the first part of the story.