Rambler's Top100

III. Speaking and Written Practice
1. Agree or disagree with the following. Give your reasons:
- The room was clean and everything was in readiness for the doctor.
- Bill knew for sure that he would be able to see again.
- He was unhappy with the treatment in the hospital.
- The nurse told him what the doctor looked like.
- Bill was impatient to see the light.
- The doctor was upset with Bill‟s losing his eyesight.
2. State whose words these are, what motives they are prompted
by. Recount the circumstances.
- There‟s no question of maybe. I‟ll be able to see all right.
- That was tough, that was tough luck.
- I‟m not worrying about that because I have faith. I know, just as sure
as I know I‟m sitting here, that when you take off the bandages I‟ll
be looking into your face.
3. Answer the questions:
1) Why was the nurse afraid of the doctor? What facts show that she
was nervous?
2) Why does Bill call himself a lucky man?
3) Does the nurse believe that the patient will be able to see? What
does Bill say to this?
4) How does Bill fill in his heart about the doctor? How does he put it?
5) Why does Bill describe the doctor as a “tall, dignified man with
snow-white hair”?
6) How did Bill lose his eyesight?
7) What does the doctor say about the operation? Why does he say it?
8) When do you begin to understand that the operation has been unsuc-
9) What impression does Bill‟s face with the bandages off produce on
the nurse?
10) How does the doctor tell Bill that he is blind?
4. Give a brief summary of the text using your Active vocabu-
5. Write a continuation of the story telling what’ll happen to Bill
and his family.
6. Write an essay on one of the following topics:
- It is important for a patient to have faith in his/her doctor (give your
- Choosing a job (imagine that you are choosing a job for yourself.
Explain what you‟ll take into consideration).