Rambler's Top100

Volgina E.A. Reading in English Part II
Katherine Brush ‘Night Club’, pp. 19-22
I. Vocabulary List
to be hard at work
to apply (powder, lipstick)
to clear one's throat
to glimpse/a glimpse
to inquire
a sip of water
to regard smb as
to tremble
to perform an operation
to be on the tip of one's tongue
II. Vocabulary Exercises
1. Recall the situations from the text illustrating your Active Vo-
2. Study the use of the active vocabulary in the sentences below.
Translate them.
1. Apply the cream evenly onto the skin. 2. As a westerner I was a
strange sign in this remote spot. 3. I'm writing to inquire about your adver-
tisement in the Times. 4. I caught only a glimpse of the president's car.
5. Edith wore strange clothes and was widely regarded as eccentric. 6. His lip
started to tremble and then he started to cry. 7. She cleared her throat nerv-
ously before she began to speak. 8. The child took several sips of the juice
before she decided that she didn‟t like it. 9. Her name is on the tip of my ton-
gue. 10. When she was hard at work and on top of things her productivity
was exceptional.
3. Insert an appropriate words and phrases from your active vo-
cabulary list and translate the sentences:
1. The surgeon who _________ __ __________ was an eminent person.
2. The instruction says you should _________ the cream in the morning
and the evening.
3. It was __ __ _____ ___ my _______ to say, 'I'd rather have dinner with a
4. The whole house _________ as the train went by.
5. He took a large______ of his sherry and refused the soup.
6. Several people have phoned the personnel department to ________ about
the position.
7. They __________ him __ their enemy.
8. It is a ________ into the future.
9. Mrs. Brady ________ her _______, wishing her head could be cleared as